What is Marketing and Sales

What is Marketing and Sales

Today marketing and sales needs to work together as one person….A SALESMAN.  Let think about this..who is talking to prospects and customers –Salesman!!!!  So they to design the marketing plan for Today Sales.  That what I do and we are very successful.  You are in front of them and they ask you question which then can be turn to marketing material for the future.  For example, brochures, descriptions of different products that are hot for you can promote to others in different marketing, like direct mail, email marketing campaigns and much more.  Another example that we use to market to construction companies is a brochure on what we have to rent and also the advantages doing business with us over the competition.  Guess who design these brochures, “THE SALES TEAM”, THAT RIGHT.

Make marketing fun and challenging..change it up..test different strategies.  Always test the market by marketing to your prospects and customers (Ask them).

Good Luck

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