Videos Marketing as Compared to Other Forms of Marketing

Videos Marketing as Compared to Other Forms of Marketing

Setting up a business is just the beginning. The real challenge is to market it and let others know about your product and services. Perhaps we all know that it costs a fortune to advertise your product in the domestic market and it also takes time for you to gain speed. Some small business owners may not have the luxury of time and money with them which compels them to wind up their shops before their product has managed to reach the ears of the audience. This really sounds cruel but this is the bitter pill which most of them had to gulp before Video Marketing had put its foot in the business world.  This new technology has come as a saviour to bail out start-up businesses and businesses that have struggled to prove their existence since their inception.

We first need to understand what exactly Video Marketing is and how it is helpful to entrepreneurs and other business owners.  As the name goes, you can create a video showing your presentation, product quality, utility of the product etc. In order to set up these videos, you do not need any professionals to work for you. You can make use of your own talents and give your voice to the video. You just need to present your business plans along with some product explanation. Once you have the video ready, you can upload it on you tube or any other video portal which is visited by number of people on a daily basis.

Well, let’s talk in detail about how video marketing is in comparison to other methods of marketing.

Video V/s Email Marketing:  In email marketing, the seller sends bulk email to prospects with a hope that they will revert to him with the intention of signing in for the product. However, the chances of the prospects reverting to the buyer are miniscule. On the other hand, video marketing has an edge over email marketing as it succeeds to leave a stronger impact with its visuals. The customer also gets the chance to go through the presentation which is somewhat difficult to out it across in an email. Moreover, they also get to hear someone explaining the product to them which leaves a sharper imprint on the minds of the customer.

Video V/s Article Marketing: Article marketing is a good mode of advertising your product. Buyers are always ready for a hunt to get more information of the product they want to buy and they get to read the articles written by experts, sellers, article writers and people who want to bring their stuff in limelight. However, if we speak about graphs and try to explain them in the article, it may sound bit confusing which will eventually lead to the reader getting completely plugged off and may move onto something else. We may once again find Video Marketing as a solution to this problem. Since it will be in the form of a video, the viewer will find it interesting to view it all and in this process may even develop likeliness for your product.

Though video marketing is not a fool proof technology, yet it’s highly beneficial for sellers who want to give it a shot and perhaps things may work out well with them.