Want to start a blog or website that counts – This is What You Can Do

Want to start a blog or website that counts – This is What You Can Do

Time again we come across people who say that they have their own blog or website that has made them famous. They are known to others just because they have something in the blog and others take the effort to go through their blog without fail. That makes us ponder what he does so different that his blogs are always appreciated by people and the one we have doesn’t have much visitors. The answer is pretty simple. They make use of the technology to its fullest and pull in more visitors on their web site. Perhaps they make it more appealing that people choose to pay a visit on their blog and skip ours.

After doing an intense study, it has been found that you need to bring upon changes that makes your blog or your web site more soothing than others. Following are few tips one can use to see an increase in the number of visitors on his website.

Pay for some good designs:-  You won’t ever enter a store if you see things messed up and nothing in order. It’s the same thing that happens to visitors. Just like before you enter the store, you want the lights to lit and the stuffs at their place so that you can pick your stuff without having to baffle your senses. In the same way, a visitor wants you to design the website in a manner which he finds soothing and pleasant to enter. Hence, the crux of the matter is you need to invest to make some real good designs for your website before you go live. You might want to make it as appealing as it can be to entice others to pay a visit on your site and check the stuffs you have for them.

Make it user friendly:-  At times having the best designs fail to flock in people to your site and you start wondering what went wrong. Well, you need to check how user friendly is your site. Try to know the reviews you may get from people as to what they feel about your site and what are the possible changes you can bring in order to make it simple for others to understand and use it. Remember, anything that is complex may soon become a turn off.

Keep on making regular changes:-  You cannot keep the same look of the website for years. You have to keep on changing it periodically. Changing does not means you play around with the design or the look of the website, it means you alter the preferences and probably the links making it convenient for a person to understand them and take lesser time to reach from one link to the other.

Take help of a professional:-  In order to work around with things in your website or a blog, it requires high level of technical knowledge and competence which a normal individual may not possess. Hence, it’s better to take the service of a professional who day in and day out works with things like these and can get desired results.

Once you implement all the above in your website, you would start finding visitors flocking in your blog/website to read them.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

Driving Traffic to Your Website

By driving traffic to your website will create sales for you.  As a salesman, you need to blog and write articles about the topics everyday.  Content, Content, Content.  Also share your blog posts on the Social Media World…(i.e. Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook and so on).  On each page of THIS BLOG IS A ADD TO OR SHARE BUTTON…use some of the sites to drive traffic to your blog or websites (i.e. Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious and much more).

Remember make this FUN and Challenging….THE REWARDS WILL COME

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Guest Posting on Websites that are Relevant

Guest Posting on Websites that are Relevant

Here some examples, sales websites, marketing websites, business journals, newspapers that are business and sale related…THAT WHAT I WOULD DO FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!!!

What I mean by that is going to different website or blogs that have ways to leave comments that you can backlink back to your website.  It works awesome.  Don’t be a spamming saying, “Great Post”, or “I agree”.  Write a small paragraph referencing the blog post or articles or give great example of how you done something relevant about the topic.  AGAIN IT WORKS.  Again look or sound like an expert….

Also I forgot:  How to find websites that are relevant?  Use the power of Google!!!!  Search for your topics…and start POSTING!!!!!

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