Best ways to cold call as a salesman

Selling a particular product to someone unknown is quite a difficult task because as long as the person does not know you, he will not have the confidence and the will to purchase the product from you. He may want to give all the available excuses to avoid you. However, this does not mean that it is simple to sell something to a person you know or have a good relation. Selling is definitely an art and it takes lot of pain and practice to master the art. Not every individual can sell things. People who want to make a career in sales should first understand if they have the potential to be patient and can persuade people in buying his product.

It is said that if you are able to fix an appointment, you have already completed 50% of your job. The rest 50% depends on how the salesman who meets the prospect handles the situation. In the entire process of sales, the first 50% is the most crucial one. We get so many calls from people who want to sell something or the other and this really makes life frustrating. People have work on do and when they are in middle of their work, getting a cold call from a salesman can really irk you. So what can a cold caller do to work it out differently?

Check if it is the right time to talk to him:-

While you start a call, it is important that you greet the person first and after having introduced yourself to him/her, check if it is the right time to talk to him about the stuff you want to sell. If you just start going without even trying to know if the person would like to talk to you or no, he/she might straight away hung up the call and you lose a prospect. Just in case if the person says he/she is busy for the moment, try to know when you can call him/her next and ensure that you call the person at the time mentioned. It is also possible that the person may be busy the next time you call him/her but it is prudent that you take the next available time to call.

Speak well about your product and try to know his requirements:-

Before you start making calls, try to know your product well. If you get a prospect who is interested in your product and if he asks questions, you should be able to answer them. That will show how confident and knowledgeable you are with your product. Other than this, it is important that you check if the prospect has any requirement of your product. If you are trying to sell something that is commonly used item, then you can even create a need.

Do not be pushy with the prospect:-

Ideally, we don’t like people who push us to do something we are not interested in. If you are able to generate interest for your product, you can make a sale but if you be pushy with the prospect you may lose the sale.

Become a Great Salesman by Following These Tips

Selling is a difficult business and one has to strive a lot during his initial days to master this art. It’s said that people with tough skin and innovative skill can only become a great salesman in the future. Innovation is a much needed product that we all are expected to possess but why a tough skin. When you are on the fields and trying to sell stuffs, you’d be experiencing a lot of harsh rejections which is more like a bitter pill which not everybody is able to gulp in. It requires lot of courage and sheer determination on the part of the salesman to hear those harsh criticisms and still carry on with his job.

More often, you are not even liked by your pals as they have an intuition that you would be selling your products to them. This takes you away from your friends and you may see yourself to be completely alone. Therefore, you need to make your way up very swiftly or else you may find yourself lost and may even decide to drop this profession. Though it may offer you rich rewards but to get that, you need to sweat the heck out.

What it takes to become a successful salesman? There are two simple things. First is to know everything about the product you are trying to sell and secondly be honest with your customer and don’t sell something they are not looking to buy. In order words, never miss-sell things to your customers.

Following are few tips which one may need to become a great salesman

Knowing your product:-  You can’t sell a product if you don’t know what you are trying to sell. Just giving mere sales talks can’t fetch you customers in volumes. For that, you need to know what you are dealing with. For the first few days, while you’re in your training, try and know everything about the product and once you hit the field you should be able to answer most of your client’s queries. In case, you come across something you don’t know, just accept it. There’s no harm in saying “I’m not sure about this. However, I can get an answer for this”, and do revert with an answer.

Miss-selling is forbidden:-  Understanding the need of your customer is very important. Selling them what they don’t need is like cheating them and no one like to feel cheated. Hence, you need to take ultra care that you know what they are asking for and in case if you don’t have what they need, they to come up with alternatives which may help in most cases.

Be creative:-  Being innovative is the key to become a successful salesperson. You should be sharp enough to come out with innovative ideas while giving demonstration to your client. The product here is not necessary. You can sell anything if you have a creative mind. Though the demand and supply factor plays a vital role in sales, it however doesn’t stop you from selling your product if you’ve a creative head.

Dreaming of Becoming the Best Salesman – It’s Time to Make It Come True

We all must have dreamt of becoming someone great in our lives. Some has aspired to become engineers, some astronauts, some must have thought of joining the army (if they were adventurous by nature) and some wanted to become salesman. But the work of a salesman is no joke and the one who is into it knows what kind of serious business he is dealing with. Today we see a lot of colleges have courses on business marketing which is more or less selling your company’s brand to other big companies. There they hone your skills and shape you up to become an able marketing manager. In other words, he is turned into a very sharp salesman who has learnt the tricks of the trade and is supposed to use them to get business for his company.

Selling is an art and you can master it only if you practice it day in and out. For many, selling is a toughest job they have ever done in their life and there have been numerous instances where people left the job out of frustration. Selling is all about numbers. You need to hit high volume to earn accolades from your boss and eventually earn good incentives. However, you can’t expect that to happen in the first few months of your job. Because in the first few months, you do nothing but learn the game well.

You go out on the field with your manager or your senior sales rep and hear them talk with their clients. This is for you to learn how to speak professionally with people and how to crack the deal. You may not adopt the very style of your senior sales rep. Rather, you should make one of your own. Now that comes with a lot of practice teamed with too much of rejections and failures. Nevertheless, it teaches you to deal with rejections in life. Presumably, no one can deal with rejections better than a salesman.

Few tips one should consider to become a successful salesman.

Join the best university:- You need to keep your foundation strong and therefore you should get enrolled with the university which is renowned for its teaching in business marketing. It will definitely not be a waste of money and you’ll come out learning something which you probably never knew and would also help you a long way in your future. Other than that, you also need to work hard to learn your lessons. At times, you may find things quite boring and may also annoy you, but you got to carry it on till you reach the goal.

Innovation is the key:-  The level of intelligence differ from people to people. However, if you always think about ways to sell your things, you come out with some real great innovative ideas. You can show your creativity in your presentations. Try to make it as simple as you can but add things which make it look simple rather than just keep on writing stuffs in it. You can use some cartoon characters on your presentation and then link it up with your product. You need to be extremely smart while you are dealing with things like these.

Be confident:- You need to be confident with your approach. When you’re representing your company, people want you to be confident while you speak about your brand/product. Any fumble or mishandling things may go against you. Hence, you need to be very careful while you’re presenting youself.

A Great Salesman Story

I believe a great salesman has to have support and mentors of great people (positive people).  If you hang out with Negative Nancy they will bring you down….you need to be around successful people…like salesman, authors, or people you admire.  I believe being around people that is positive will make you more money.  Just like negatively can rub you the wrong way…so can be positive.  Sio go out and find positive people you can have as mentors.  Sometimes you may read books to find a positive mentor…or a podcast…friend…wife…pastor…

So this if you mission…go find a mentor or read a book from a successful industry leader in your field.  This will help you stay motivated to Become the Number One Salesman at your company.

A Good Salesman is a Good Sales Manager

A Good Salesman is a Good Sales Manager……(of TIME)

What I mean is a good salesman has to be a good sales manager of time.  Sales people procrastinate like anybody else in the world.  Put off stuff for later when it comes to be more proactive and productive.  But a salesman that is good at time is a selling machine.  Be number one to have to stay organize….and I mean ORGANIZE.  Excuse me….be freaking organize to make a lot of money…get @#!* done.   By being organize you need to set goals everyday in your notepad, Smart phone or computer. Stick to it to much more money..for you and your company.


Online Marketing Salesman

Online Marketing Salesman

How can you market your business the best? By online online marketing…yes that is correct. One of the best ways is content marketing…by blogging and writing articles by creating a brand for you. For example, we have create a brand of selling heavy equipment, parts, rentals and service. When you do these things this create inbound marketing..which will create the phone to ring and emails coming in for quotes. Don’t be scare of the Internet of you will be passed up by your competitors.

So the best way to learn how to blog is to create a Blogger/Blogspot site which is free from Google. Learn the basic from that by create content, add picture, and much more. After mastering that you should learn how to use WordPress…(the free one on…after mastering that then you are ready to Host your own website. I use Bluehost….and then I upload a template of WordPress…by learning the previous online free service you already know what to do on your website. The greatest thing about Bluehost is that it make it simple, with Simple Scripts. Basically shows you how to do it. If you are interest in Bluehost, then click the link to the right in the advertisement section.

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A Salesman keeps educating themselves

A Salesman keeps educating themselves

What I mean about that is alway keep learning.  I listen to podcasts about Salesmanship, marketing, internet marketing, entrepreneurs, Wall Street Journal for Small Business and much more to make me have positive thinking in my life.  Also another trait of learning is reading a great books, like “Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in no time flat”  by Michael Masterson which I purchased at Amazon.   This is a great book to read…for a start up or an existing business that wants to go to the next level.  Like I always stress in my blog posts that sales and marketing are very important.  In the book Michael explains that you always need to be selling your products or services.  From a small business to a multimillion dollar company.   What is the that old says…”ALWAYS BE SELLING”.

If you are interest in reading a great book then click the links.  That how I provide content by getting paid from the affiliate links on my blog.


Salesman New Years Resolutions

Salesman New Years Resolutions

As a Salesman you should always have goals in sales and your life.  For example, selling two excavators a month, to achieve the money that you want to produce for 2013.  And also have life goals with family, like a fun filled vacation at Walt Disney World.  All great goals or resolutions are achievable.  The best way to achieve these goals is very  loyal to your CRM Software…and I mean everyday open up and call some customers and prospects.  Keep calling those prospects that can be customers in the future.  So if you are new salesman….then get organize by buying a CRM Software Products like Act by Sage Software.  Go out and sell.

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Be a Honest Salesman with a Winning Attitude

Be a Honest Salesman with a Winning Attitude

A great salesman with a honest and winning attitude will always win in the long run.  Remember if you have a product malfunction, be honest and help them.  You don’t want to sell your customer once, you want to sell them multiple times.  So be honest…customers will always come back.  Also a thing that I do is do the unexpected…give them a credit for downtime or a credit on their invoice.  Be ahead of the curve…a lot of companies don’t do anything.

What I mean about the Winning Attitude is to be very positive in taking care of your customers and be honest.

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A Listening Salesman

A Listening Salesman

When talking to prospects and customers…you need to shut up and listen.  One of the number one problems is salesman does not listen on appointments…they do all the talking.  You need to ask questions that prospects will do all the talking.   Sit there and don’t talk.  Here is a great video “what not to do”!!!!