Get a Mentor to become a Great Salesman

We all want to excel in life but sadly only few are able to make to the pinnacle. It is undoubtedly their hard work that pays. No can reap the sweet fruit without having worked hard for it and so have the men and women who have managed to get to the top has gone through rigorous hardships in life. When you are going through a lot of hardships, you feel like giving it up but there is one thing that can keep you going and that is a source of inspiration. If you have a mentor in life who is guiding you all the way then the path of success may not be so painful. You will have someone that you know will help you come out of difficulties, who will show you the right way to do things and who will inspire you when you feel completely down and frustrated with how things are shaping up in your life.

Especially when you want to become a great salesman, it would be very difficult to reach the top without the help of a mentor. Salesmanship is not everybody’s cup of tea and people with exceptional persuading qualities are able to survive in the market. Still at times they find it hard to combat certain situations and feel like giving it up. This is when a mentor comes handy. With loads of his/her experience, he/she can guide you how to hone your skills and what you can do better to improve your selling technique. They are the ones who can see your plus and minuses and can guide you accordingly.

Finding a proper mentor may be difficult but you have to keep the search on till the time you hit upon someone whom you find can help you achieve your goal. Few things that one should see in a person to consider him/her as their mentor are as follows.

A person who can understand you:-

It is very crucial for your mentor to know you properly before he/she starts mentoring you. A mentor should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and should work hard to inspire you to take care of your weaknesses and concentrate more on your strengths. We all have weaknesses in life but someone who can overcome his weakness and stress more on his strengths can taste success. It is futile to spend time working on your weaknesses, rather work hard on your strengths keeping your weaknesses at bay and never allowing them to become a barrier for your growth.

The mentor should know the industry well:-

Your mentor should be someone who has loads of experience in selling things. He/she may not be an ace salesperson but that does not disqualify him/her to become a good mentor. The person can with his/her experience can mold you and make you a better salesman. He/she should be able to guide you in the different phases of becoming a great salesman.

It is important to understand that a great salesman does not mean an ace salesman but it means a person who can sell things by understanding the need of the client.

Become a customer care machine

When we have problems with things we depend on someone who can help us fix it. Moreover, when we buy a product that is new to us and we are learning to use the stuff, it becomes all the more important for us to find someone who can help us with our queries. In case, if any of the product stops working, we need to speak with somebody who can walk us through the ways to get the thing back in business. In situations like these, we see the need of a customer care professional to be very essential. It is not possible to go all the way to the shop to see what went wrong with the product. It will only increase your cost. It will be rather ideal to talk to a person who knows how you can fix the problem and in case if the product needs some special check then he/she can arrange someone to your place that can get the problem resolved.

Other than this, in the world of online shopping you buy things from all over the world. So if you have bought something from an alien country and need help, you just can’t go there to fix the problem. In such scenarios, a customer care professional becomes handy. All you have to do is call the customer care number and talk to a person. Talk about the problem and see how they help you to fix the issue.

Few essentials are required to become a good customer care professional.

Ability to listen and understand the problem:-

In order to become a good customer care professional, you need to be a good listener. Be patient and hear out the issue. Understand the problem well before you start giving solutions. Often we begin to assume things even before we have heard the entire problem of the customer. That can go completely against us. It may irate the customer and he may decide to give upon the product or service. If you hear the problem well at one go and are able to understand it clearly, then you can start thinking of the available solutions and can also suggest some alternatives. This may make the customer happy.

Be quick to response:-

Here you have to remember that the person calling you can’t see you and therefore if you are late in responding to the customer then he may feel neglected and this may make him irate. Therefore, you should be always quick to respond to his questions/problems. If it is an ongoing issue, you should be apologetic for the situation and inform the customer about the expected time when the issue will get resolved.

Have a through product knowledge:-

Having good product knowledge is the key element of this business. If you know the in and out of the product and are confident that you will be able to solve the problem; it won’t take long to come with a solution. You can give numerous alternatives that will help the customer fix the issue.