Salesman Using Apps on Smart Phone

Salesman Using Apps on Smart Phone

I use my Smart Phone everyday for the Apps to make me a more productive salesman. There are Application that you can scan a prospect business card and email you back to the office to store in your CRM Software. The Adobe Reader App, you can store important documents like Credit Application, Brochures and Specs of your products…email straight out of your smart phone when the customer ask at your appointment or on your way out of the appointment. So while the prospects are on the way back to their desk…the documents are in their email inbox. The YouTube App that you can video your products in HD and upload straight from your Smart Phone. All your Social Networks has Apps that you can access on your Smart Phone…Use the Technology!!! Another great App is the Voice Recorder app to give you reminders and record important messages. To do list Apps are a great way to be more productive and knock the things off your list.

Another Great Application is Google Drive, where you can store documents, pictures, videos, and much more. You can add this to your Desktop company at work, home and on Smart Phone….and them be able to share all the information on all the devices. It works Great!!!!

That just a couple great apps to my you a more productive salesman. There are 10s of 1000 much more.

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