Salesman Tips that Help you Get Results

Salesman Tips that Help you Get Results

One of my favorite slogan is….GO WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE!!!!!

1.  Their are plenty of the organizations or association that you can join to network with prospects or customers.

2.  Ask for referrals from existing customers.  Your customers are the best advocates …Usually they are friends or acquaintances with their competitive.  In my business that another sales representative that I don’t need to pay.

3.  Send out postcards to your list of prospects and customers..Keep them in form…with a special coupon on each.

4.  Always, Always, Always,  Tele-market everyday!!!!!  It will paid off.  Make sure you plug in your information in your CRM Software.  Like ACT!!!  which is a Sage Software.

5.  Write a Blog on your Topic.  Do a post everyday to help drive traffic to your website.

6.  Become an expert in your field.  Read publications, product literature, go to conferences, and see speakers.

7.  Become a social media guru.  Use all of the social media platforms to create relevant list of prospects and customers.  (i.e. LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)—Also see the AddThis button on this page for more

8.  Cold Call in the Field…Door knocking.. Find a publication of addresses and go see prospects

9.  Keep learning, keep learning, keep learning

This is just some tips on WAYS TO GET RESULTS IN SALES.

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