Salesman Time Management

Salesman Time Management

The old ways of time management was writing down in your calendars and journals.  The new ways of time management is embracing technology.  For instance, the iPhone and other great smart phone has tools to help you become a time management machine.  I use my calendar, note pad, voice recorder, card scanner (by taking a picture with phone then emailing to office), GPS Tracking, Google Drive app (where you can store important documents), and much more.  There is no reason that you can not be a Time Management Machine.  In the App Stores there are apps that import to your CRM software.  In some places around the world the Smart Phone is the only computer or laptop that they have…So use it for all the tools that it offers.

Using a Smart Phone will help save time…Take achieve of Technology!!!!!

Remember Steve Jobs did not invent the MP3, he just innovated it to be one of the greatest invention ever…

Remember Steve Jobs did not invent the Smart Phone, he just made a Smarter Smart Phone!!!!!!!

Use the Technology, and you will go places!!!!