Making a Great Salesman of Today

Making a Great Salesman of Today

I believe making a great salesman is having a person who never learn sells before.  Let me explain, I would take new energetic person in a Sale job before I take a veteran, because the well polish veteran comes with skeletons in the closet.  I can always train a new person that is excited with life and energy to be successful in any sales job, but trying to change a veteran with the times of new technology and new technique…is VERY DIFFICULT.  But I can change the veteran if they want today’s knowledge.  If they read my blog posts.

Veteran Salesman need to learn the new ways with CRM Software, Smart Phones (iPhones), Tablets, Internet, Research Website to find Leads, and much more…

Keep Reading my Blog…..and I will help you…New Salesman and Veteran Salesman.

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