How to become the Best Salesperson #1

How to become the Best Salesperson!!!!

That right that what I said…One of the biggest mistakes that sales people don’t is following up and keeping track of your customers. The number #1 secret to Sales is being organize. That what I am saying. What make me so successful is religiously keeping up with old customers and new prospects that I pick up daily (we will go through the new prospect gathering later). I use a CRM software which is short for “Customer Relationship Management Software”. I bet you 1 out of 10 uses this technique. I have a great example if I was a Car Salesman that sold you a car. I would use the software to gather birthday, family information (How many kids, sports, interest (like fishing) and every quarter quoting I would send them information about services, coupons, information about keeping your tires inflated for better gas mileage. You can do this by phone, mail, or email. But when they are ready to buy a car again…who do you think they will bought from..also propably always sending you referrals. This software help you become the Best Salesperson in the World.

Also in the software I put notes in the description about what we talked about, maybe about business, family, or even sports, but keep in front of the customers all the time with this software.

One of the products is made by ACT!!! Sage Software ACT Pro 2012
To become the best salesman to have to use the software.