Help Finding Leads for a Salesman

Help Finding Leads for a Salesman

Library can be your best friend in sales…What I mean is the Library Databases that they have online.  Not a lot people know this secret so I am going to spell it out.  The Library is a Telemarketing machine…database, lead generations, and making lots of money.  Telemarketing baby…!!!!!!!

For example, here in Texas, I have been on two different cities libraries.  All you need to access this great database in a library card in your cities, I know it works in two citiies in DFW.  The database name is “referenceUSA”…which you access it through your library’s website with your library card number.  There are 14 million companies (USA) and 1.5 million (Canadian) that are in the database…Who said this is a bad economy…I don’t believe that crap…you make your own destiny.

In this database, alway use the custom field to break it down by size, name,business type, geographic, phone, and so on….

Go go out an make all the money that you are worth…YOU JUST GOT TO DO THE TELEMARKETING OR COLD CALLING (DOOR KNOCKING)

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