Having Fun at Your Sales Job

Having Fun at Your Sales Job

Making your day go by fast is having fun with your job.  Just like when you are tele marketing on the phone….when speaking to the prospects…Smile and Laugh it goes far on the phone for success in Sales.  Make Humor a must at your job…with clean great practical jokes.

Also to have fun with telemarketing is standing up and walking around in your place of business.  If you sit down always..you may sound a little down or sluggish…Get up and laugh and talk on the phone with customers and prospects.  You will see you have more success standing rather than sitting.  Make it fun!!!!!

Have contests with other sales reps…whoever sets the most appointments..get a gift card to their favorite restaurant or even a Gift Card from iTunes (of course they have to have an Apple product).  Again Make it Fun.

Have cold calling blitz…get a team of two salesman and go door knocking.  Again same concept as above with the gift cards.  Set appointments and get gift cards.  Make fun!!!

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