Social Media Marketing – Can it Make Selling Effective

We live in a world where we can see buyers and sellers all around us trying different strategies to sell their product. All sellers try to give their product the limelight they need to sell and very well understand that without providing the right exposure, it would be very difficult for them to move an inch higher in the business. On one side, with the advent of new technology it has become simpler for sellers to endorse their produces in the global market but on the other side it has led to cut throat competition. Many even call it as “Rat Race”.

Keeping into consideration the technological advances, we would be talking in details on how social media marketing has changed the face of selling across globe.

Start-up Business:  Social Media Marketing has come down as a boon for businesses which are in the beginning phase. These small businesses are saved from the trouble of endorsing their products with big advertisement agencies and thus can also save good portion of money which can be actively utilized for future business assignments. All they have to do is create an account in any of the social media network, post their items there along with a brief description about the company and its existence. Giving these details is very important. It lets the customer know about more about the company and the kind of product the company produces. This results in generating faith in the company before they begin giving business to them.

Keep personal and business account separate:  Many small business owners make this mistake and later have to repent for it. They need to understand the difference between a personal and a business account. You cannot send business emails or talk in length about your business using your personal account. People may find you to be too business-minded and might look for ways to avoid you. In order to avoid such a situation, it is advisable to have 2 separate accounts. One could be your personal account and the other to meet your business needs.

Keep your business account up-to-date:  This becomes very crucial as far as promoting your products on social media network is concerned.  You need to ensure that you keep updating the web site on a continuous basis and if there are any changes made in the hierarchy or for that matter you have made good profits in a year, it should be reflected on your site. You may not want to lose a prospect just because he/she has found your site not updated for months. This also leaves a negative impact on the customer who starts believing that your company and your products are not worthy to be bought.

Try to beautify your site:  What looks good sells the most. Try to keep your website as alluring as you can. Visitors visiting your web site from a social media network should get surprised to see something that cherishes their mind and compels them to dig deeper to your site. You can also take help of a website developed and can work things out with him.

These are few points which if followed correctly can work wonders for you and help you get the most from a social media networking site.

Selling, selling, selling

Selling, selling, selling

Make selling a fun thing by cold calling, door knocking and telemarketing. Every year I start over with the basics…going to see customers, telemarketing like a machine, job sites, door knocking, networking, referrals, Internet marketing, blogging, video marketing and much more. Remember everybody’s job in a business is selling….Selling, Selling!

I remember when I help my friend start a office supply company…we worked nights dropping off catalogs on door steps of businesses. Again selling is going the extra mile…and doing the unexpected to get a sale. Also when we sold office supplies to those customers we would give the office manager a rose to tell her (usually women) thank you buying our office supplies. We grew that company to 50,000 plus in sales. Again do the unexpected. Remember partner with your customers.

Be a Productive Salesman


Be a Productive Salesman

To be ahead of the curve is to be very productive.  What I mean is contacting prospects and customers all time with specials and new products.  If you use your CRM Software…..You will be very successful….I know you have heard that from me before but you need to do it and try it.  I use the ACT Sage Software for years and still being very successful.  Here some thoughts on being productive:

  • Tele market all the time–“Get on the Phone”
  • Be in front of customers…(they also know their competition)
  • Use Social Media to Sell and Promote your products (LinkedIN)
  • Create a great List of Prospect and Customers (CRM Software)
  • Create a Email Mailing List
  • Create a Direct Mailing Strategy
  • Create a Great Website with a Blog
  • Create a Squeeze Page Website (to collect email addresses for Email Mailing List)
  • Create a Fan Page on Facebook for Like Minded People
  • Create an Industrial Group on LinkedIN
  • Create a Marketing Plan for Classified Sites
  • Look in to a Pay per Click Campaign
  • Create a Company Youtube Channel


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Driving Traffic to Your Website

Driving Traffic to Your Website

By driving traffic to your website will create sales for you.  As a salesman, you need to blog and write articles about the topics everyday.  Content, Content, Content.  Also share your blog posts on the Social Media World…(i.e. Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook and so on).  On each page of THIS BLOG IS A ADD TO OR SHARE BUTTON…use some of the sites to drive traffic to your blog or websites (i.e. Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious and much more).

Remember make this FUN and Challenging….THE REWARDS WILL COME

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Salesman Tips that Help you Get Results

Salesman Tips that Help you Get Results

One of my favorite slogan is….GO WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE!!!!!

1.  Their are plenty of the organizations or association that you can join to network with prospects or customers.

2.  Ask for referrals from existing customers.  Your customers are the best advocates …Usually they are friends or acquaintances with their competitive.  In my business that another sales representative that I don’t need to pay.

3.  Send out postcards to your list of prospects and customers..Keep them in form…with a special coupon on each.

4.  Always, Always, Always,  Tele-market everyday!!!!!  It will paid off.  Make sure you plug in your information in your CRM Software.  Like ACT!!!  which is a Sage Software.

5.  Write a Blog on your Topic.  Do a post everyday to help drive traffic to your website.

6.  Become an expert in your field.  Read publications, product literature, go to conferences, and see speakers.

7.  Become a social media guru.  Use all of the social media platforms to create relevant list of prospects and customers.  (i.e. LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)—Also see the AddThis button on this page for more

8.  Cold Call in the Field…Door knocking.. Find a publication of addresses and go see prospects

9.  Keep learning, keep learning, keep learning

This is just some tips on WAYS TO GET RESULTS IN SALES.

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Internet Video Master for Sales

Internet Video Master for Sales

If you want help with blasting through the internet with your video.  Here is a great suggestion to be the Best Salesman in the World.  You can publish photos, video, audio, and text…all in one push of a button.  The website is call Pixelpipe.  Try it….it works great.  Like most great people says, “Be everywhere”….This website will be a great start for you to become a great salesman.

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Internet Marketing Strategies and Techniques

Internet Marketing Strategies and Techniques

Internet marketing is a trial and error.  Everybody wants the magic pill on how to internet market,,,but the real thing is to see what works in your industry.  What works very good in my industry is Video, so I market the video on different heavy equipment that we own.  Test the waters.  Some others could be blogging everyday about a internet topic that has to do with their product.  Again test the waters.  That is what so great about the internet…you can test, fail, and succeed.  If you were selling hair products for women then maybe the Social Media would be a fit in your Internet Marketing.

I personally use all Internet Marketing Techniques and Strategies, but it will take time to succeed.  If you need help, let me know.


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Start a Blog for your products as a Sales Tool

Start a Blog for your products as a Sales Tool

Starting a blog is one of the easy tools to do as a salesman.  Talk about the benefits of your products.  Share stories of your products that help, inspire and even much more.  Share with the world.  Try not to sell…again be true to your readers…DON’T ALWAYS SELL ON YOUR BLOG, or you will lose readers.

Blogging is a tool to create a name of you and your brand…Use it.  It is a very powerful tool.  Make it fun and challenging, it could be rewarding in the future.  Create a information website/blog about news in your industry (i.e. heavy equipment–that is what I did).

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What does it take to be number one?

What does it take to be number one?



Embrace Technology (i.e. Smart Phone)

Cold Calling Machine (Door to Door and Telemarketing)

Network with prospects and customers

Product Knowledge

CRM Software (Use it and it will Reward You)

Marketing (Direct Mail, Email, Publications)

Internet Marketing (Blogs, Webstie, Videos, Social Media, Article Directories, Status  Sites, and so on.

Each one of these is a small snippet of becoming a Great Salesman in your Field.

Contact me below if you want me to go in more detail.


Internet Marketing Online as a Salesman

Internet Marketing Online as a Salesman

I have been doing internet marketing for a good while in my sales job, which I have a college degree in marketing.  We get calls from your different websites (blog), videos, guess posting sites, social networking and PPC (pay per click campaign).  But the joy that I love that it is challenging but rewarding in the long run.  It takes work to be a successful salesman.  It is no get rich  quick…you have to work.

What is funny is when people call your office and says that you are the voice.  I always say what do you mean…which I know is the videos that I put on about 20 plus video sites around the world.  It works!!!!!

Today Salesman needs to Master Today Marketing (OLD WAYS AND THE NEW WAYS (INTERNET) ….Remember,  “PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE THEY LIKE”