Get a Mentor to become a Great Salesman

We all want to excel in life but sadly only few are able to make to the pinnacle. It is undoubtedly their hard work that pays. No can reap the sweet fruit without having worked hard for it and so have the men and women who have managed to get to the top has gone through rigorous hardships in life. When you are going through a lot of hardships, you feel like giving it up but there is one thing that can keep you going and that is a source of inspiration. If you have a mentor in life who is guiding you all the way then the path of success may not be so painful. You will have someone that you know will help you come out of difficulties, who will show you the right way to do things and who will inspire you when you feel completely down and frustrated with how things are shaping up in your life.

Especially when you want to become a great salesman, it would be very difficult to reach the top without the help of a mentor. Salesmanship is not everybody’s cup of tea and people with exceptional persuading qualities are able to survive in the market. Still at times they find it hard to combat certain situations and feel like giving it up. This is when a mentor comes handy. With loads of his/her experience, he/she can guide you how to hone your skills and what you can do better to improve your selling technique. They are the ones who can see your plus and minuses and can guide you accordingly.

Finding a proper mentor may be difficult but you have to keep the search on till the time you hit upon someone whom you find can help you achieve your goal. Few things that one should see in a person to consider him/her as their mentor are as follows.

A person who can understand you:-

It is very crucial for your mentor to know you properly before he/she starts mentoring you. A mentor should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and should work hard to inspire you to take care of your weaknesses and concentrate more on your strengths. We all have weaknesses in life but someone who can overcome his weakness and stress more on his strengths can taste success. It is futile to spend time working on your weaknesses, rather work hard on your strengths keeping your weaknesses at bay and never allowing them to become a barrier for your growth.

The mentor should know the industry well:-

Your mentor should be someone who has loads of experience in selling things. He/she may not be an ace salesperson but that does not disqualify him/her to become a good mentor. The person can with his/her experience can mold you and make you a better salesman. He/she should be able to guide you in the different phases of becoming a great salesman.

It is important to understand that a great salesman does not mean an ace salesman but it means a person who can sell things by understanding the need of the client.

Product Knowledge is a key to be a successful salesman

To become someone successful in life, you need to go through a lot of struggle and hardships in life. Nothing will come easily at your doorstep. Continuous struggle is the only way by which you can attain a successful career. When it comes to become a successful salesman the effort increases. You got to sacrifice a lot of things in life and only focus on your skill. Becoming a successful salesman is perhaps the hardest profession. It is not easy to sell something to an unknown person. It is rather difficult to get someone’s attention towards you and once you have it, you got to exceptionally good to pitch the product that you want to sell. At times, people may not feel the need of your product or service but somewhere down the line, the thing you are selling plays an important part in their life that they are unaware of. You got to make them aware of the importance of your stuff to them in their life. They may never find it important as long as they feel the need for it. It should be you who will work as an eye opener to them making them realize the importance of the product or service in their lives.

One very important thing that plays a crucial role to become a successful salesman is the product knowledge of the salesman. If the salesman knows what he is selling and how important it is in a person’s life, he/she may not find it difficult to create a need in the mind of the prospect. The salesman only has to convince the prospect that not having the product can have serious ramifications in his life and he can protect his interest by buying the product from him.

A salesman should also keep an eagle’s view on the competitor’s product and services. It is not just him who is selling things. There are many other men and women who are in the same profession and are selling competitive products. Therefore, he should be in a position to counter a prospect when the prospect starts comparing his product with the product of some other company. This means that the salesman should not only learn about his product but also have to study what the competitors are selling and how better they are in terms of their quality. Also need to check on the features they competitors are offering and what strategy you can follow to counter those features.

Alternatively, innovation is something that helps the salesman in selling the product. A salesman is the eye and ears of the company he is representing. Therefore, if at all he gets to know of something that is superior to what he is selling, he can make a note of it and inform his company about it. Concurrently, he should also make a note of customer’s grievances or complaints that they had with a particular product. He can let the company know about such grievances and thus make things better for the end users.

Top Five Indispensable Benefits of Salesmanship

Merchandising regards as salesmanship and many of us think personal selling is about influencing technique. It has the capacity to turn a prospective buyer in to a client. There is no confusion that persuasion is the key skill of every seller. Are you a budding salesman? If ‘yes’, then this article will surely help you to boost your career with the quality of salesmanship or personal selling.

Most of the marketing departments have more than one person to advertise salesmanship. It is a huge responsibility and if it is controlled by one salesman, then the company’s growth chart falls down automatically. Personal selling is the principal factor of marketing which helps the manufacturing organisations to earn more and more revenue. Salesmanship is a knack of trading products and services. This art induces the punters to procure the commodity. In today’s contemporary competitive business world, application and significance of salesmanship is gradually augmenting. In the manufacturing and distributing industries, salesperson plays an important role. Personal selling is accepted as the universal marketing strategy because it contributes a lot in developing country’s economic condition. Some of the marketing professors stated, “It is the ability to persuade people to buy goods or services at a profit to the seller and benefit to the buyer”.

Advantages of Personal Selling for the Customers

  • It enables the punters to get quality commodity in reasonable price.
  • This helps the customers to express their grievances and suggestions to the sellers which in turn assist the manufacturing companies to rectify their mistakes.
  • This salesmanship technique facilitates the consumers to choose their best products according to their taste and requirements.
  • A salesman performs as a friend or guide to the purchasers. It helps the consumers to gain knowledge of any novel product.

Benefits of Salesmanship for the Businessmen

  • Personal selling boosts the brand image of a company and its products and services. In other words, we can say that a salesman works as the ears and eyes of the manufacturers.
  • It gives the opportunity to the makers to perk up their product’s quality, package and design. The sellers come to know about their lacking products by the feedback of the customers.
  • This salesmanship updates the traders with latest market value and encourages them to participate in this competitive business world.
  • The incessant demand created by this promotional technique aids in lessening the seasonal instability in requirement.
  • It facilitates the merchants to protect the economies’ profits of degree and advertising.
  • It gives scope to the novice businessmen to promote their new products in the souk.
  • Salesmanship assists in finding the potential purchasers and generates demand by earning the confidence of the punters.

Salesmanship is not only beneficial for the traders and consumers but also helpful for our modern society. It is considered as the pillar of all business activities. Government of every nation always focuses on personal selling because it helps in augmenting their revenues. It reduces the risk of inflation and generates employment opportunities for the youngsters. So, in the concluding lines, we can say confidently that if you want to expand your business, apply salesmanship and become an eye witness of this effective marketing strategy.

Tips to handle different customers in salesmanship

Are you facing any problem in winning the customers through salesmanship? If “yes”, let us tell you that you are not the only person who is facing problem in handling the customers; there are many other marketers too. To boost the sales deal, good salesmanship is very essential. Every customer behaves in an individual way. This behaviour is very important in handling the customers efficiently to change the conversation to a sale.

To get a clear understanding of the dealing process related with the customer’s behaviour, just check out the following article.

How to handle the different customers?

  • Talkative behavior: – The garrulous or talkative people go on saying without paying any attention to the words that the salesman is saying. They always pick up faults in other’s clothes.  But, it’s not very difficult to handle them. You should try to shift their focus to the product only. Allure them with the different offers that your company is giving by explaining other details of the product. Have patience and try to clear all the queries they have.
  • Calm behavior: – These persons are the hard nut to crack. It is really very difficult to look into their mind. Tell them everything related with the product. Start a candid conversation with them asking them what they are looking for in the product. Solve all their queries as politely as you can. This will help you to get a sale.
  • Nervous behavior: – Those who are nervous lack in confidence. Try to start a polite and calm conversation with them. As they are generally shy in nature, they may hesitate to ask you every detail of the equipment. Provide them with all the general information like its application, price and how to maintain it after using it.
  • Suspicious behavior:– These kinds of people always disbelieve the salesman and his product. Do whatever you can to win their beliefs. They may scrutinize your product in an irritating way. But, don’t get angry. Keep smiling and clear all their queries and go on answering every question with patience even if they ask the same question again and again.
  • Impatient behavior:– They are always in a hurry even when buying a huge constructional equipment. These people can give you good sales, as they don’t spend much time with you in unfolding their big list of questions. So, you also don’t have to repeat the same words to them. But, mind it, these people can come back to you to ask further questions which they forgot to ask in the first meeting. That’s why, it’s better to explain them clearly all the usage of the equipment along with its product and customer service.
  • Shopper’s behavior:- These kinds of customers want to get information about the equipment’s price and application. They ask the questions with the genuine intention of buying them. You should warmly welcome them giving the necessary information about the equipment.


No, it’s not at all easy to deal with all the above said customers types. But, practice and experience will definitely sharpen your skill in this matter.

Five Qualities to Become a Successful Salesman

Won’t you be surprised if you hear that after 5 years many people will not remain in the sales business? Well, it’s true. Some major changes in the field of sales have already triggered a rapid weeding of the sales force of our country. To be a successful salesman, you cannot be only a financial planner or insurance agent; you have to be very professional too. You should respect your job. Ben Feldman said that most of the people buy things because of trusting the salesman rather than the product.  This statement proves the prominent role which a good salesman plays in the mind of a customer.

To establish your career in this field, you have to possess some qualities. Just go through the article to know the qualities of an excellent salesman.

What are the qualities a salesman should have?

  • You should have interest in selling the insurance. If you are really interested, it means you can be a successful insurance seller. You should be enthusiastic, laborious and should know how to use various techniques to convince the customer. Try to make the utmost efforts by using all the available means to reach the top, but never cheat the customer.
  • Incorporate the right attitude in yourself. Be confident, friendly and polite. There are many people who really embrace their occupations. Expert seller of equipment always have positive attitude which helps them to achieve their aim. It will indeed help you to visualise your dreams.
  • Energy is another important factor for the making of a good quality salesman. They work day and night to meet their aims. Without energy, you are like the car which you can’t use for travelling. They work for long hours because they love to do it. If you reduce the equipment selling profession to “just a job”, you are surely going to fail in the long run. Though this business involves a massive rejection, you shouldn’t get upset with that and try to sharpen your skill in selling business.
  • No one born as a perfect salesman, the method or the practice makes him better. You should have a selling strategy in which you should work upon the selling process without leaving a single thing. Practice new techniques like giving them attractive offers, telling past performances of the company, building good rapport with the customer and many more.
  • Experience is another way to excellence. You should form the habit of doing the necessary things. Try making at least 40 cold calls per day. This calling experience will definitely teach you to have patience and polite even when the customer is shouting on you.

Selling of the equipment is the biggest and the most difficult thing in the world. Today, the hard-old concept of salesmanship has been replaces by sales professionalism. Set the goals, give fine service, build strong relation with the customers and develop new techniques of selling to excel in this sphere of salesmanship. The world would definitely be better off with more sales agents mainly those who feel proud to address themselves as sales personnel.