Product Knowledge is a key to be a successful salesman

To become someone successful in life, you need to go through a lot of struggle and hardships in life. Nothing will come easily at your doorstep. Continuous struggle is the only way by which you can attain a successful career. When it comes to become a successful salesman the effort increases. You got to sacrifice a lot of things in life and only focus on your skill. Becoming a successful salesman is perhaps the hardest profession. It is not easy to sell something to an unknown person. It is rather difficult to get someone’s attention towards you and once you have it, you got to exceptionally good to pitch the product that you want to sell. At times, people may not feel the need of your product or service but somewhere down the line, the thing you are selling plays an important part in their life that they are unaware of. You got to make them aware of the importance of your stuff to them in their life. They may never find it important as long as they feel the need for it. It should be you who will work as an eye opener to them making them realize the importance of the product or service in their lives.

One very important thing that plays a crucial role to become a successful salesman is the product knowledge of the salesman. If the salesman knows what he is selling and how important it is in a person’s life, he/she may not find it difficult to create a need in the mind of the prospect. The salesman only has to convince the prospect that not having the product can have serious ramifications in his life and he can protect his interest by buying the product from him.

A salesman should also keep an eagle’s view on the competitor’s product and services. It is not just him who is selling things. There are many other men and women who are in the same profession and are selling competitive products. Therefore, he should be in a position to counter a prospect when the prospect starts comparing his product with the product of some other company. This means that the salesman should not only learn about his product but also have to study what the competitors are selling and how better they are in terms of their quality. Also need to check on the features they competitors are offering and what strategy you can follow to counter those features.

Alternatively, innovation is something that helps the salesman in selling the product. A salesman is the eye and ears of the company he is representing. Therefore, if at all he gets to know of something that is superior to what he is selling, he can make a note of it and inform his company about it. Concurrently, he should also make a note of customer’s grievances or complaints that they had with a particular product. He can let the company know about such grievances and thus make things better for the end users.

Salesman Tips that Help you Get Results

Salesman Tips that Help you Get Results

One of my favorite slogan is….GO WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE!!!!!

1.  Their are plenty of the organizations or association that you can join to network with prospects or customers.

2.  Ask for referrals from existing customers.  Your customers are the best advocates …Usually they are friends or acquaintances with their competitive.  In my business that another sales representative that I don’t need to pay.

3.  Send out postcards to your list of prospects and customers..Keep them in form…with a special coupon on each.

4.  Always, Always, Always,  Tele-market everyday!!!!!  It will paid off.  Make sure you plug in your information in your CRM Software.  Like ACT!!!  which is a Sage Software.

5.  Write a Blog on your Topic.  Do a post everyday to help drive traffic to your website.

6.  Become an expert in your field.  Read publications, product literature, go to conferences, and see speakers.

7.  Become a social media guru.  Use all of the social media platforms to create relevant list of prospects and customers.  (i.e. LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)—Also see the AddThis button on this page for more

8.  Cold Call in the Field…Door knocking.. Find a publication of addresses and go see prospects

9.  Keep learning, keep learning, keep learning

This is just some tips on WAYS TO GET RESULTS IN SALES.

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Product Knowledge Salesman

Product Knowledge Salesman

Education is the key to be successful in selling your products.  So that means that you need to study.  What I also mean you need to know your products and your competitors products.  In heavy equipment sales/rentals, you need to the know the classes of equipment.  From Weight, models, what they do, how big the bucket is, and much more.  To be successful, you need knowledge…which can be learn.  You would be surprise when I talk to different heavy equipment rental salesman that don’t know the difference from one machine to the other.  If you are going to be in the business then you need to know the business.

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