Earn Money by Writing Articles

Earn Money by Writing Articles

Internet has become a much needed tool for anything and everything. People browse net to search things which otherwise they do not find it readily elsewhere. You name a thing and you will have results being thrown by the search engine. Readers seeking information often gets hooked to internet and read articles written by distinguished personalities carrying sufficient knowledge about the stuff they are writing. At times, the thought does brushes our mind and it compels us to wonder what does people get for spending their time writing huge blogs and articles on internet. People who write stuffs, do they do it for free or are they paid some money for spreading their knowledge on this virtual world. And if at all they are paid money for their work, then who pays them and how do they get their money?

We would be discussing this in length and dig deeper to know how one can make money by just writing articles on different subjects.

Sites who pay you writing:-  If you have the passion and the patience to put in your knowledge about a particular subject, there are people ready to buy them. All you have to do is search for the site which helps both the writer and the ones who are looking for writers to arrive at a common platform from there they can negotiate the price and the type of writing. For example, if the project giver wants the writer to write on a particular subject and has certain requirements, the writer should give due consideration on those requirements and see to it that he/she fulfils them. The article should comprise of all the details that the person who is giving the projects wants in the article. Other than that, giving some additional information will always help the reader to know more. The writer has got nothing to lose if he writes a little more on the subject.

Place your bid:-  After you have found out the site which pays you for writing articles, get registered with them and become their member. Registering on their site should be simple as you need to enter your personal information. Please do not enter your credit card data or your Social Security Number. Genuine sites do not ask for such information. There are some sites who might ask you to pay subscription charges. You need to be doubly sure about the authenticity of those sites and might try them if the amount is not too high. However, it’s advisable to try some free sites which have more followers than a paid one. Once you’ve registered on their site, you got to search for work related to your domain. You can try searching “Writing Articles” and may see some work listed there. You then have to place your bids which suggest the price for which you are ready to work for them.

Check Feedback of the person who have posted the ad:-  It is prudent to check the feedback of the person before you place your bid. Remember, feedback is the reflection of the person’s payment history. It speaks a lot about the kind of payer he is and thus can give you some sort of assurance that you’ll get the money for your work.

Social Media Marketing – Can it Make Selling Effective

We live in a world where we can see buyers and sellers all around us trying different strategies to sell their product. All sellers try to give their product the limelight they need to sell and very well understand that without providing the right exposure, it would be very difficult for them to move an inch higher in the business. On one side, with the advent of new technology it has become simpler for sellers to endorse their produces in the global market but on the other side it has led to cut throat competition. Many even call it as “Rat Race”.

Keeping into consideration the technological advances, we would be talking in details on how social media marketing has changed the face of selling across globe.

Start-up Business:  Social Media Marketing has come down as a boon for businesses which are in the beginning phase. These small businesses are saved from the trouble of endorsing their products with big advertisement agencies and thus can also save good portion of money which can be actively utilized for future business assignments. All they have to do is create an account in any of the social media network, post their items there along with a brief description about the company and its existence. Giving these details is very important. It lets the customer know about more about the company and the kind of product the company produces. This results in generating faith in the company before they begin giving business to them.

Keep personal and business account separate:  Many small business owners make this mistake and later have to repent for it. They need to understand the difference between a personal and a business account. You cannot send business emails or talk in length about your business using your personal account. People may find you to be too business-minded and might look for ways to avoid you. In order to avoid such a situation, it is advisable to have 2 separate accounts. One could be your personal account and the other to meet your business needs.

Keep your business account up-to-date:  This becomes very crucial as far as promoting your products on social media network is concerned.  You need to ensure that you keep updating the web site on a continuous basis and if there are any changes made in the hierarchy or for that matter you have made good profits in a year, it should be reflected on your site. You may not want to lose a prospect just because he/she has found your site not updated for months. This also leaves a negative impact on the customer who starts believing that your company and your products are not worthy to be bought.

Try to beautify your site:  What looks good sells the most. Try to keep your website as alluring as you can. Visitors visiting your web site from a social media network should get surprised to see something that cherishes their mind and compels them to dig deeper to your site. You can also take help of a website developed and can work things out with him.

These are few points which if followed correctly can work wonders for you and help you get the most from a social media networking site.

Earn Money from Home – We Will Tell You How

Earn Money from Home – We Will Tell You How

A lot of people in today’s time depend a lot on internet for all their work. Right from searching an address of a location to searching jobs, you get it all here. Internet has really made our vast world so tiny that it takes few seconds for us to reach a person in the other part of the world. This has also led to many job opportunities which a person can do from home. He need not have to own an office of his own and hence need not care of meeting additional expenses that may incur from his office. All he needs to do is select the job he can do and finish it off within the stipulated time frame. It’s his skill and sheer talent that will help him fetch a job and subsequently will make that his source of income. One may think how much can he make working at home and will that be enough for him to run his family. Well, it really can’t be said if it will be enough to run a family where people love to spend more but of course will suffice to meet all expenses necessary for one’s living.

Write articles:-  If you are good in writing and have the skill to structure it well, this should be the one for you. There are many sites who want good writers to write articles for them. They would be given various topics and the writer after digging details for those topics need to put it down on the site. This also helps him in nurturing his knowledge as he keeps on learning about new things through this medium.

In order to take up this job, you have to first get yourself registered with a job site that facilitates a platform to both the writer and the job giver. Once you have done that, you need to start searching for jobs that suits your profile. You then have to place bids on the job which in other words mean that you are quoting your rate to them. You can also share your experiences with the other party and if they feel you are capable enough to do the job, they will hire you. You also need to give your bank information so that the person can pay you on your account. Please don’t give you Credit Card information or your Social Security Number as these details are not asked by genuine online job sites.

Programming work:- These kind of work a bit technical in nature as it requires the person taking up the job to be technically sound and if possible with some prior experience in doing the same job elsewhere.  A person without any technical knowledge of this stuff shouldn’t bid on jobs like these. Creating different programs, designing web pages, working on Java programs are few jobs which require skilled men to complete them. Being technical in nature, these projects are long term commitment between the two parties and the person who takes the onus to complete the project is paid handsomely.

Working from home is the most idealistic way of earning money. You only need a computer at home and an internet connection to get going.

Selling the Right Stuff Can Make One a Perfect Salesman

Many renowned sellers say that you need to have a rhino’s skin to become a salesman. Well, it means that one needs to have a very thick skin to undergo any number of failures and at times embarrassment and humiliation from your boss. You got to gulp it all and move on selling your stuff. However, something which is of utter significance is you can only sell stuffs that you believe in. First you got to sell it to yourself and if you feel that you can buy them, you are ready to sell it to the mass.

When we think about salesman, we start visualizing men who keeps on talking about the features of their product and rarely hears what you want to say, doesn’t give much attention to your requirement and keeps pushing you to buy their stuff. Undoubtedly, you want to get away from such people. So, if this doesn’t work then how can one become a good salesman? We would be talking in detail about what one needs to do in order to improve his style of selling and eventually become the perfect salesman.

Knowing your product:  In order to sell something confidently, you need to be sure of what you are selling. The buyer may come up with several questions and if you fail to answer any of them, you are on the verge of losing the sale. Thus, it is of prime importance to understand your product thoroughly and then start selling it.

Take help from seniors:  While you are new to selling, you may come up with numerous issues for which you may not see a way out. In such a situation, you may seek the help of your seniors who would be far more experienced in handling similar situations in the past. Going out with them on calls and learning the way they pitch the product to the client is worth knowing. You may not adopt the same technique that’s used by your senior as every other person has their own unique way of selling. After knowing your comfort levels, you might develop one of your own.

Practice at home:  There is an old saying “Practice makes one perfect”. Well, you got to take the same approach. When you’re getting trained or have just started visiting clients, after your days work, you can practice a bit of selling back at home. You can ask your parent or wife to pose as a customer and you try selling them the stuff. Ask them to throw hard hitting questions at you, put you in a situation which is kind of awkward and where you really need to use your presence of mind to get through it. You’d really love this exercise and simultaneously will learn a lot from them.

Don’t get too pushy and be fair with the customer: This is perhaps the most important point one can’t let go. You cannot push your customer to buy something they don’t intend to. Your duty would be to understand their need, analyse them and try to come out with options. The client will appreciate your effort and that will coax him to buy the product from you.

It is certainly not simple to become a perfect salesman without working hard for it but it’s not at all an impossible task. All you need to do is understand your product and simultaneously the need of the client. Also you may need some success stories to back your

Want to start a blog or website that counts – This is What You Can Do

Want to start a blog or website that counts – This is What You Can Do

Time again we come across people who say that they have their own blog or website that has made them famous. They are known to others just because they have something in the blog and others take the effort to go through their blog without fail. That makes us ponder what he does so different that his blogs are always appreciated by people and the one we have doesn’t have much visitors. The answer is pretty simple. They make use of the technology to its fullest and pull in more visitors on their web site. Perhaps they make it more appealing that people choose to pay a visit on their blog and skip ours.

After doing an intense study, it has been found that you need to bring upon changes that makes your blog or your web site more soothing than others. Following are few tips one can use to see an increase in the number of visitors on his website.

Pay for some good designs:-  You won’t ever enter a store if you see things messed up and nothing in order. It’s the same thing that happens to visitors. Just like before you enter the store, you want the lights to lit and the stuffs at their place so that you can pick your stuff without having to baffle your senses. In the same way, a visitor wants you to design the website in a manner which he finds soothing and pleasant to enter. Hence, the crux of the matter is you need to invest to make some real good designs for your website before you go live. You might want to make it as appealing as it can be to entice others to pay a visit on your site and check the stuffs you have for them.

Make it user friendly:-  At times having the best designs fail to flock in people to your site and you start wondering what went wrong. Well, you need to check how user friendly is your site. Try to know the reviews you may get from people as to what they feel about your site and what are the possible changes you can bring in order to make it simple for others to understand and use it. Remember, anything that is complex may soon become a turn off.

Keep on making regular changes:-  You cannot keep the same look of the website for years. You have to keep on changing it periodically. Changing does not means you play around with the design or the look of the website, it means you alter the preferences and probably the links making it convenient for a person to understand them and take lesser time to reach from one link to the other.

Take help of a professional:-  In order to work around with things in your website or a blog, it requires high level of technical knowledge and competence which a normal individual may not possess. Hence, it’s better to take the service of a professional who day in and day out works with things like these and can get desired results.

Once you implement all the above in your website, you would start finding visitors flocking in your blog/website to read them.

Email Marketing – The Better Way to Promote

We live in a world where we can see competition all around us and in order to give it a slip and make our way out, we need to think of many innovative ideas which will help us to promote our product and services to mass at large. There are many marketing strategies being followed by business owners and many of them have proved to be successful. That is not just the end of it. They keep on trying out new things every time which is the very essence of their widespread business achievements. So now we understand that innovation is the key but when it comes to email marketing, there are few things which should be better understood first before taking the plunge.

Email marketing is just a method of promoting your product or services by sending emails to potential prospects or customers who have ceased using your product for reasons best known to them. Email marketing has the ability to get back those customers by communicating with them and trying to know their needs. You also leave your contact details on the email so that they can reach you if they want to and can start budding up a relationship with your business. There are few points which one should keep in mind before they start sending emails to people at large and the points are stated as below.

Identify your prospects:  Just because you can send emails for free does not means you can send it to anybody, even if the person may not be interested in your product. This is certainly not the way things work. There is a serious need to identify the prospect before you start shooting emails to them. You need to have a robust list with the email addresses of prospects that at some point or other have shown interest in your product or products identical to what you sell. They should be your target. Once you have the list ready with you, you can start sending emails to them. You can also mention the channel through which you availed their email address and the purpose of sending them the emails.

Response rate:  Once you have sent the emails, it becomes very crucial for you to keep a count of the prospects that have gone through your email. You can simply have a link in your email, which will indicate the number of people that have gone through your site and checked your products. You can also keep something like a questionnaire or a simple form which will suggest customer’s interest on the product and help you understand the response you have received from the people.

Email containing photos of users using your product:  In order to win the confidence of the prospects, you can also add up images of your existing customers and their comments that they made on your product. Doing this will create a strong impact on the prospect and they might turn out giving business to you.

Here we understand how important it is to communicate with your customer and bringing in new innovative ideas can help you a long way in taking your business to the next level.

Blog Marketing – Why should one use it?

In the era of internet marketing, we have blogs to help us promote our products and services to mass people. Let us first understand what we exactly mean by a blog. In simple term, blogs are web pages which are maintained by its author. The author can write about various topics right from the political situation of a county to merely promoting his products and services. It’s just a medium to reach out to people at large and letting them all know what is there in your mind. The good thing is here you do not have to stand on the street and shout your heart out to gather people and let them know what you intent to say. You only got to write about your stuff on the webpage created by you and you’ll have people to read them.

It becomes very important to understand how you can get others to read your blog. Well, this may sound as a hefty task but it’s quite simple if you do it the right way. In order to gain someone’s attention to come to your blog and read things from there, you first have to ensure that you use an enticing title. A title is the first thing a person would read before he gets into the entire story. Hence, your title should have the ability to grab one’s attention and perhaps compels him to read the full story. You also got to learn how with the use of Search Engine Optimizers, you can drive more and more people into your blog and eventually to your site.

Writing blogs is an art and if you are trying to sell your stuffs on your blog then you need to master this art before you take the final leap. There are plenty of sellers/small business owners who write blogs and market their products on it. Day in and day out, we are witnessing blog writers writing contents on their blogs and makes good money out of it. They see it as the most inexpensive medium to reach out to the mass and promote it. It also helps them in getting back customers who have left them for reasons best known to them. However, these lots do get back to them after reading their blogs. It seems that the writing on the blogs does create a sense of belief amongst the readers following which the trust factor develops.

Marketing heavy equipments on your blog could be a very good example of optimum utilization of social media. If you try to promote heavy equipments on an online auction site, it would probably cost you more. Apparently, blogs gives you an edge over online auction sites by charging you a minimal fee you can easily afford to pay.

Many sellers worldwide have created their own blogs and have started writing on it. Some even hire content writers who can write contents explaining the kind of product and services they have to offer. Overall, with the advent of this new technology, sellers are having a great time endorsing their stuffs and taking their business at new heights.

Article Marketing – A much needed way to market your products

With the advent of the ever increasing world of internet, marketing your products by writing articles on them is seen as one of the best ways to put your stuff in the global market. People in this generation rely on internet for almost anything and everything. For the slightest of information, they seek help from the web. This very fact speaks in volume of the dependence of today’s people over the net. In such a scenario, the fastest way to spread your message to the mass is by writing articles and publishing them on the net. Once it is there on the net, you have people from the entire globe to read it and may also find it useful to them. This very terminology of writing about your product and promoting them by putting them on web site is known as “Article Marketing”. The sphere of “Article Marketing” is expanding and we can see many people have started using this to promote their products and services. Apart from this, people write blogs where they give information about certain things which they believe would benefit people who read them.

This was all about what we mean by Article Marketing. However, there is something more to it. There are etiquettes of writing such articles and we would be discussing those etiquettes.

Type of article:  When we talk about an article, the first thing that hits our mind is how the reader will find our article especially when there are so many other similar articles getting published on a daily basis. The answer to this is pretty simple. In order to get a better position in the search engine pages, the writer needs to ensure that he writes the article using some specific words popularly known as “Keywords”. These keywords are used to achieve good rankings in the search engine which ultimately drives the article in its first few pages.

However, the scenario has changed for good. Now, it’s no longer the keywords that make it to the top of the search engine. It’s all about the content and the way it has been written. Readers want to get more information on a product and this has led the search engine operators to change the game. Now, the writer who provides more information on their article and has written it in a language that others can easily understand can expect it to come on the first page of the search engine.

Length of the Article:  If you think that by writing long stories and thus lengthening your article will help it to appear in the first page of the search engine, then you need to do some rethinking. While you are writing about your stuff, you need to ensure that you don’t make it a lengthy one. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too short to skip the attention of the search engine. You should know how to balance your article by inputting right amount of information and keeping it simple.

Pay for publishing:  Article writers often do not find their articles in the search engine for days. It could be possible that they use free sites to upload their articles. It’s recommended that one should use a pay site to publish their article and get better results from it.




A Great Salesman Story

I believe a great salesman has to have support and mentors of great people (positive people).  If you hang out with Negative Nancy they will bring you down….you need to be around successful people…like salesman, authors, or people you admire.  I believe being around people that is positive will make you more money.  Just like negatively can rub you the wrong way…so can be positive.  Sio go out and find positive people you can have as mentors.  Sometimes you may read books to find a positive mentor…or a podcast…friend…wife…pastor…

So this if you mission…go find a mentor or read a book from a successful industry leader in your field.  This will help you stay motivated to Become the Number One Salesman at your company.

A Good Salesman is a Good Sales Manager

A Good Salesman is a Good Sales Manager……(of TIME)

What I mean is a good salesman has to be a good sales manager of time.  Sales people procrastinate like anybody else in the world.  Put off stuff for later when it comes to be more proactive and productive.  But a salesman that is good at time is a selling machine.  Be number one to have to stay organize….and I mean ORGANIZE.  Excuse me….be freaking organize to make a lot of money…get @#!* done.   By being organize you need to set goals everyday in your notepad, Smart phone or computer. Stick to it to much more money..for you and your company.