Becoming the Best Salesman in your company

Becoming the Best Salesman in your company in todays time you need to start learning how to build blogs, websites, and fans (Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter). I have been doing internet marketing for my company for about seven years. And I how learned how to build websites from and, on their servers. But I learn from that I needed to learn how to build my own websites with my own servers…which it drove more traffic than the free sites. I use a company call Bluehost which you buy a domains and create a website/blog through their Simple Script of a  It works great.  Try it.  If you blog everyday about exciting things in your company or news around the world influences people to come read your blog.  Remember don’t always sell in your blogs.  Give informative information on your products, the customers will come to you.  Make yourself sound like an expert and the sells will come.  Make it fun and exciting and the reward will come!!!  If you would like some more information on the Bluehost…CLICK THE IMAGE LINK ON THE RIGHT.  Remember I don’t ask for any money to give you tips, I only get paid with affiliate links on my website.  So if you are interested in making a GREAT WEBSITE..THEN CLICK THE PICTURE LINK ON THE RIGHT THAT SAYS BLUEHOST.

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